Theater Director

"Brave New World Repertory Theatre, which produces some classics and new works specifically by Brooklyn writers, has turned out a studied, thorough and well-paced production of Major Barbara that holds the audience from beginning to end. Working with a modest budget, they make the most of their resources and, for this project at least, create a sense of great wealth in just the right places to make a play about rich and poor convincing.... In less than two hours, this company forces us to confront issues that are just as present in the second Gilded Age we live in now — when it seems as if almost no publicly traded firm is more than a few degrees of separation from the war machine, and the major nonprofits and civil-society organizations have to go hat in hand to these corporations if they want to keep operating — as they were a century ago. Just as Barbara asks herself, so too must our modern nonprofits: just what strings are attached, and is it worth it?"

--David Meadow, The Indypendent

George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara

Brave New World Repertory Theatre, NYC