Theater Director

Sara Farrington's Requiem for Black Marie
Incubator Arts Project, NYC

“Brecht the exploiter: That’s the topic of Sara Farrington’s “Requiem for Black Marie,” an Incubator Arts Project production that considers the playwright as manipulative oaf and the women who love him. Directed by Shannon Sindelar, “Requiem for Black Marie” looks appropriately sordid.”

–Rachel Saltz, New York Times

Photos by Alex Fabozzi

"...director Shannon Sindelar has shaped a taut show of snappy transitions and narrative momentum, no small feat for an 11-character cast on a minimalist set.  And her collaboration with the live band St. Fortune Collective is crucial towards maintaining an atmosphere that's both unsettling and jubilant.  Certainly, the Weill-influenced sound (and often Weill-penned songs) is due large credit , but Sindelar's decision to infuse almost the entire run-time with music without upstaging the action lends the story an ethereal and surrealistic quality that might otherwise be lacking."

--Stephen Cedars,